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Compassion Feeding Project

Contrary to popular belief, wars and famine are not the root causes of food shortages in Africa. Instead, reliance on exports, self-interests and politics are the main causes. In Sierra Leone, while the decades-long civil war (1991-2001), contributed to increased food shortages, the shift from domestic agricultural production to reliance on imported food and other products is arguably why the country, and much of the region identify as food-insecure. With the onset of COVID-19, food insecurity has been exacerbated, especially for the poor, orphans, widows and disabled populations.

A nation is only as strong as its people and their ability to provide for themselves. Building on our current initiatives, Impact Sierra Leone, a 501c3 foundation, is launching its Compassion Feeding Project. We are on a mission to strengthen and promote the agricultural production of healthy fruits, vegetables, and other foods in rural areas so that Sierra Leone achieves self-sufficiency and sustainability. Furthermore, we want to ensure that the most vulnerable people in Sierra Leone can live healthy and productive lives.

For agricultural sustainability to be achieved in the areas we serve, farming communities, orphanages, and schools need access to food now. Through the Compassion Feeding Project, Over 5,000 people will benefit from this project for the 2021 year. Beneficiaries include #orphans, #young women and girls, #students and #farmers. Each group will have immediate access to food so that they are well-nourished and equipped to be better farmers, students and overall, catalysts for productive and thriving communities. By the end of 2021, we expect a decreased dependence on food donations and an increase in domestic production of healthy foods.

Impact Sierra Leone will be working with our partners on the ground in Sierra Leone to acquire and distribute food every month. Help Impact Sierra Leone kick-off the upcoming year by making a donation of $25, $50 or $100 today. Rest assured that your donation will bolster our current programs and help us end hunger in Sierra Leone.

Current Projects

Empowering Orphans
Impact Sierra Leone supports farmers in rural areas by providing farming tools, seedlings, food, clothing, and training.

Empowering Farmers
Impact Sierra Leone provides essential items and food for Save the Young Girls Foundation and Peace Village Orphanages

Save the young girls orphanage foundation.
Save the young girls orphanage foundation
Peace village orphanage.
Peace village orphanage

Empowering Schools
Impact Sierra Leone is working with the Yonibana Secondary School (YSS) to promote quality education through the provision of PPE and other items to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In addition, ISL works with the school to promote child safety and prevent child abuse through our “My Body is My Body” campaign.

Yonibana Secondary school (YSS)

Empowering Young Girls and Women
Impact Sierra Leone works with young girls and women to build self-confidence, promote skills trainings in several areas, including garment production, culinary arts, and business. ISL’s focus is on young mothers, orphans, and widows.

On behalf of Impact Sierra Leone, thank you for your support! Stay with us on this journey as we continue to implement ways to help us reach our goal of creating sustainable communities in Sierra Leone.

If you are looking for a great cause to support before the end of the year, consider contributing to Impact Sierra Leone today. Your contribution makes a difference!

Written by: Yeabu Conteh.

Adama Kalokoh


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