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Nana Kontor Nketiah

Board Member

Nana Kontor Nketiah was a professional banker with over 15 years banking experience. Nana has been actively involved in community services by volunteering with a number of NGO’s such as Foundation For The Mentally Challenged, Rescue Me Foundation International, You At Heart Foundation and Desire To Inspire Foundation. He is passionate about helping the poor and needy.

Five years ago, he gave up banking to become a full time charity worker with The Desire To Inspire Foundation where he is the Global Development Director. His office has touched and transformed numerous lives through partnerships with other charity organizations.

Currently, he is working on projects that aims to empower the youth through skills training and medical outreach. He also serves as a board member for other similar charities where he implemented a number of initiatives to enhance skills among the poor and needy in selected communities. 

Using his finance and banking experience, he serves as Impact Sierra Leone’s Treasurer.  Nana loves reading and listening to music at leisure. Lastly, He believes in learning daily to improve his practice and also to be a change agent wherever he finds himself. He is a Natve of and resides in Ghana.