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Why Does the Sierra Leone Diaspora Have to Invest in Their Country of Origin?

Why Does the Sierra Leone Diaspora Invest in Their Country of Origin?
In recent years, diaspora members are considered key contributors to the economic development of their homeland. Not much is known about what motivates them to invest in their country of origin or why investment intensity varies among diaspora communities. It is to this end that the direct causality assumption of Sierra Leone born diaspora investment is examined using Nielsen & Riddle (2007) investment motivation framework. Using this interdisciplinary approach, an individual level conceptual model of diaspora homeland investment is generated. The model examines the effects of inter-diaspora cultural differences, the three types of investment expectations (financial, social, and emotional) and the factors that moderate them to better understand this phenomenon.
This shows that people in the diaspora community do not invest in their homeland for financial reward. They invest for perceived emotional returns and this is positively moderated by the degree of their social embeddedness in their country of origin as well as in their country of residence. They also invest for perceived social rewards. This is also moderated by their social embeddedness. Understanding why the Sierra Leone diaspora investor or entrepreneur invest in their homeland is an important first step to identifying ways that governments can attract diasporic investment and entrepreneurship through marketing and other promotional efforts.
Remember Who You Are! These are the words of Mufasa to his son, Simba in the classic animated movie, “Lion King”. I’ve carried this lesson into my own life. As a Descendant of Sierra Leone, I have the power to be a voice of change in the US. When I was younger, I felt so ashamed about being from Africa mostly because I was teased. As I grew older, I saw the light and realized how much of a blessing it is to have African roots. I have the ability to share about Sierra Leone culture and vast potential with the world. I get to share about how my many experiences as a descendant has shaped me, given me a sense of purpose and allowed me to make a difference in the world. So, if you’re like me, born in America to parents who are from another country, rise up and embrace your culture and be a voice of change!

Adama Kalokoh


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