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Seeds of Life Initiative in Rural Sierra Leone!

Impact Sierra Leone (ISL) kicked off a “Seeds of Life Initiative” with a local primary school in Foindu Village, Sierra Leone. Located in the Northern provinces, Foindu has a high illiteracy rate, limited access to markets, very few job opportunities, and poor health facilities – all of which contribute to

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Compassion Feeding Project

Contrary to popular belief, wars and famine are not the root causes of food shortages in Africa. Instead, reliance on exports, self-interests and politics are the main causes. In Sierra Leone, while the decades-long civil war (1991-2001), contributed to increased food shortages, the shift from domestic agricultural production to reliance

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Around this time last year, Impact Sierra Leone (ISL) was still just an idea.  Following months of networking, volunteering, and an urgency to build on the momentum, we officially launched in November 2019 and was recognized as a registered charity in May 2020. Simultaneously, the Covid-19 crisis began to rapidly change

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