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Investment in Creative Arts Can Empower Communities

When creativity intertwines with global issues, it has the power to unite the world.                                                 ~Virgil Abloh As the Founder and Executive Director of Impact Sierra Leone (ISL), I have the privilege of integrating creativity into our outreach efforts. My passion for helping people has driven me to play key

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Impact Sierra Leone Celebrates Women’s History Month with Forty Women Farmersfrom Rural Sierra Leone at the 2024 Empowerment Workshop and Lunch

Impact Sierra Leone (ISL) recently held its inaugural Women Empowerment Workshop and Lunch in honor of Women’s History Month. This event took place on March 30th and aimed to uplift forty women farmers from a rural community that partners with ISL’s Seeds of Life initiative. It was a celebration of

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The Powerful Black Eyed Beans

Black Eyed Beans Black-eyed beans also known as peas or cowpeas, are a staple ingredient in Sierra Leonean cuisine and hold significant importance in the country’s culinary traditions. The highlights below present key significance and various ways they are used in Sierra Leone, along with their benefits for children: Nutritional

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Impact Sierra Leone Partners with City of Glenarden Mayor Spreading Hope to Economically Reserved Seniors in Maryland

“Care is the ingredient that keeps true friendships alive despite separation, distance, or time. Care gives latitude to another person and gets you past the dislikes and annoyances. Quite simply, caring sustains love.” ~Sara Chidre Impact Sierra Leone’s core mission is reducing poverty but to do so with care, concern,

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African Community Service Gala

On March 26th, Impact Sierra Leone CEO, Dr. Adama Kalokoh, was informed she would be an award recipient at the 2023 African Community Service Awards (ACSA). Dr. Kalokoh would be honored because of her achievement at Impact Sierra Leone and willingness to serve humanity since 2004. “I am so encouraged

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