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Huldah Imah-Paul

Board Member

Huldah Imah-Paul was born in Sierra Leone but spent most of her childhood life in Nigeria, her paternal home. She later moved to the Gambia where she completed her early education.

Growing up as a young girl, Huldah had a strong interest in repairing items, especially her damaged toys.  Because of her determination and strong personality, she rarely asked for help from her family.   As her interest grew for repairing broken things around their home, her family trusted her to repair broken appliances such as fans and televisions.  She realized that becoming an engineer is what she wanted to do.

Beginning in high school, Huldah began mapping out her career goal of becoming a Mechanical Engineer.  Although this was a male dominated field, Huldah was determined to break the status quo and pursue engineering.

In 2017, Huldah enrolled at the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology (MMCET) in Sierra Leone and graduated with a diploma in Mechanical Engineering. At that time, she was the only female among ten males, but this did not deter her from reaching her goal – it only fueled her to stay the course. Even with this milestone accomplishment, Huldah wanted more.  She eventually pursued journalism. Her vision is to use journalism to build on her activism for women and girls.

 Currently, Hulda works for a solar company as an Operational Administrator.  She joined Impact Sierra Leone as its Female Empowerment Director in 2020 and works to empower young girls and women through education, counseling, access to resources, and vocational training.  She is also the founder and Executive Director of Defend Them Young Orphanage and Less privileged Homes.