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Investment in Creative Arts Can Empower Communities

When creativity intertwines with global issues, it has the power to unite the world.                                                 ~Virgil Abloh

As the Founder and Executive Director of Impact Sierra Leone (ISL), I have the privilege of integrating creativity into our outreach efforts. My passion for helping people has driven me to play key roles in female empowerment, health promotion, international development, and, most importantly, skills training. I believe every individual has the potential to contribute to a brighter future, and I am dedicated to providing the necessary support to make this vision a reality.

Recently, ISL held an Empowerment workshop for forty women in Foindu –  a remote village in Sierra Leone that is also an ISL partner. A highlight of the event was the Arts and Crafts activity, where women painted on canvases. Each woman proudly took her artwork home, creating a memorable experience. Additionally, I showcased floral designs, presenting future learning opportunities. Although my career as a floral designer didn’t reach its full potential, I now use my creative gifts to teach skills that beautify homes and generate income in my ancestral home of Sierra Leone. We also delighted children with Easter Eggs filled with sweets, bringing smiles to their faces. As Sophia Loren said, “There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love.”

Skills training is crucial for strengthening underserved communities. Following the event, ISL began preparations for the 2024 campaign, “Together We Build HER,” aiming to build a Skills Training Center for women farmers in rural Sierra Leone. This center will include an arts and crafts room, serving as a hub for creativity and skill development, promoting cultural preservation and economic potential through traditional crafts.

Through our innovative Seeds of Life program, we provide program development and innovation, helping vulnerable communities envision a better tomorrow. By offering comprehensive training and microfinance loans, we help women start and sustain small businesses, fostering self-reliance. Bob Iger once said, “The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.”

To support our Together We Build HER Campaign, visit Vocational Training for Women Farmers – GlobalGiving and learn more at Your contribution will help transform underserved communities, fostering sustainable development and increased business opportunities. Thank you to all our supporters for making a profound difference in many lives. Together, we are truly making an impact.

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