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Joseph Sesay | Country Director

Joseph w. Sesay is a native of Sierra Leone has over a decade of grassroots experience working with the youth and the underserved in Sierra Leone.  His experience includes working as a Welfare Coordinator with ELI (Experimental Learning Initiative) Africa, a Volunteer Coordinator with STEM Social Sierra Leone and  ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States)  Youth Ambassador to Mali.

With his expertise in social – mobilization, youth and community empowerment engagement, he has  helped bring awareness to the needs and challenges faced by specific communities in Sierra Leone.   As Impact Sierra Leone’s  Country Director,  he oversees and directs projects  in Sierra Leone and works in partnership with the organization’s Female Empowerment Director and community leaders of the people we serve. He helps ensure that programs are successful, compliant and the community is involved on every level.  
Mr. Sesay has a Certificate of Completion from the Sulisha Institute of Management and Computer Studies and a B.A. in Social Sciences in (Social Work Division)  from Fourah Bay College in Sierra Leone, he has been valued for being a key motivator within teams he has worked with, and acknowledged for going beyond what’s expected of him while overcoming insurmountable obstacles. 

Vinitha Vivek | Finance Manager

Vinitha Vivek is a highly motivated second-year student at Northeastern University, where she is pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Fintech.

With a solid background in non-profit leadership, Vinitha has served as a human resources manager and is currently a business analyst intern at a management consulting firm.

In her pursuit to create a positive impact, Vinitha is committed to empowering youth, women, and underserved populations. She brings her unique blend of financial skills and analytical abilities to uplift Impact Sierra Leone.

OPEN: Treasurer position

Impact Sierra Leone is seeking a Treasurer to oversee the operation and future development of our organization.