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Impact Sierra Leone Spreads Cheer and Humanity in Rural Sierra Leone with its Annual Christmas Day of Hope Outreach

“No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted.” ~Aesop

On Friday December 22nd Impact Sierra Leone held its annual Christmas Day of Hope with the Foindu Village community in rural Sierra Leone, our Seeds of Life partners. It was a joyous time for us to celebrate recognizing many rural communities don’t get to enjoy the festive period due to extreme poverty. The main event was held at the community yard and was attended by students, their parents, teachers, key stakeholders, the village chief, farmers, community clinic staff and youth leaders. The Christmas Day of Hope event was started in 2021 and brings the community together during the festive season to empower and boost morale while addressing hunger.

For many of the participants, food scarcity is a harsh reality, so our efforts truly make a difference. It has now become an annual event in this community where everyone engages to ensure its success.

The event was so unique in that Impact Sierra Leone staff worked diligently with the community people to coordinate the event for several months. There is much value in involving the community in the planning process. We have partnered with the Foindu community all year long and they have worked hard to grow crops to benefit the community.

This incredible event fed 500 men, women and children from Foindu Village and brought a memorable Christmas Day with the following:

  • Delicious Christmas meal and drink
  • Music Entertainment
  • Youth Spelling Bee
  • Youth Cultural Dance Performance
  • Women’s Cultural Dance Performance
  • Special Recognition of Farmers
  • Hygiene and School Supplies Gift Giveaways

A special highlight at this event was a beautiful Sierra Leone themed cake made by one of our volunteers that was enjoyed by all attendees. The DJ ensured that everyone enjoyed the cultural sounds of Sierra Leone. Attendees enjoyed a delicious traditional menu to include sweet potato leaves soup, plantains, chicken gizzards, rice bread, and country soup. The women of Foindu all came together to prepare delicious Potato Leaves soup while ISL team also provided food from Freetown. Kudos to all our wonderful Impact Sierra Leone volunteers on the ground who worked very hard.

The chief elders attended the event as well as the youth football team. Not only did this event bring smiles to many, but we also achieved the United Nations Sustainable Development goals of Good Health and Well Being; Zero Hunger, No Poverty and Gender Equality. We were able to distribute 65 hygiene kits to the Foindu community and 3oo school supply gifts to the children.

Thank you to all our supporters for being an indispensable part of our journey and for making a profound difference in the lives of so many. Together, we are truly making an impact.

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