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Empowering Sierra Leone’s Farmers.

This initiative is an opportunity to make the Agricultural sector more productive and profitable by helping the farmers in Sierra Leone with the aims of cultivating 1000 acres of rice, corn, yams and more! It’s no longer news that the Covid -19 pandemic has distrupted the world
Sierra Leone needs to strive for self sufficiency in production of food. Impact Sierra Leone has created this opportunity to be part of the solution in partnership with Hallox9.
We have to engage our farmers since they grow what they eat….its their main source of survival.
Join us with the farmers in Sierra Leone by donating towards the cultivation of some crops in the land.
Impact Sierra Leone hopes to empower the farmers in Rochen, Kamandao with tools and resources to grow crops that can be provided to the community. Our hope is to expand our efforts to other rural parts of Sierra Leone!

Adama Kalokoh


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