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African Community Service Gala

On March 26th, Impact Sierra Leone CEO, Dr. Adama Kalokoh, was informed she would be an award recipient at the 2023 African Community Service Awards (ACSA). Dr. Kalokoh would be honored because of her achievement at Impact Sierra Leone and willingness to serve humanity since 2004. “I am so encouraged to continue this work and inspire others to follow suit. Community service is a huge part of my life, so this is a great honor”, said Dr. Kalokoh. On Sunday September 3rd, approximately 530 guests came together for the 7th annual Gala event at the prestigious Hilton Alexandria Mark Center in the Plaza Ballroom. I received this award alongside many notable dignitaries from various parts of the world.

The ACSA ( aims to recognize individuals or groups who have sacrificed their time and resources for the benefit of Africans all over the world, including Africans from the mother continent, Africans in Diaspora, and African Americans. In addition, we do our best to celebrate the unique cultures of those groups. Their hope is to unite all Africans in celebration of great acts of service and build a greater sense of unity and connection within the Community.   

The event was very entertaining including a delicious African cuisine, pictures and interviews on the exclusive ACSA Red Carpet, great networking, a mind-blowing cultural performance, an outstanding Fashion show and lots of dancing during their exclusive After Party. The event was attended by several celebrities and public figures who were also awarded. There were several raffles which made the event more special. The event had a great turnout of guests wearing their best Africana and evening wear. I was joined at the event by beautiful women in the community where we all sat beautifully at Table 11. Each award recipient was featured in a brief video prior to gracing the podium. I was honored to provide a memorable speech honoring loved ones lost while giving charge to our generation to go back and support our perspective African communities.

Testimonial 1:

It was a pleasure and honor to be invited to the ACSA Award. It was my first time. I learned about such wonderful people doing great things and giving back to the community. It was a great pleasure and Honor to meet you and all the awardees & friends. I am so happy to have been a part of a great event and hope to be a part of this event in the future. I am so sorry i couldn’t stay for the after party. I had such an amazing time. Ms. Adama Kalokoh you are amazing & beautiful, and I am so very proud of all you do and will continue to do in the community. I pray God gives you the strength to continue to do great things for many. “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” 

Queen Hirfa Denise Richards,

Queen, America’s Royal Family & East coast Perfect Woman

CEO, Blazing Decor & Event LLC,

Coordinator | Conference & Event Services, American University Washington College of Law

Testimonial 2:

I was invited to attend ACSA as a guest of an award recipient, Impact Sierra Leone. I was impressed instantly by the location of this event. The setup was lovely. I was made to feel welcome from the moment I arrived. I enjoyed looking around the vendors booths and watching people get interviewed before I entered the main awards area. The decor was beautiful, the stage design was nice, and the sound and video screens complimented the awards ceremony quite well. The host was also delightful and kept me laughing. I greatly enjoyed attending this awards show and look forward to coming again in the future.”

~Autumn Jane

Testimonial 3:

“The ACSA was truly a very classy event. I was very much inspired by the award program that recognized outstanding diasporan African achiever who makes a difference both here and in Africa. My beautiful sister Adama Kalokoh was one of the honorees and I was delighted to be a guest at her table.  Many praises to Adama and all the other diasporan achievers recognized at the wonderful celebration.”

-Carolyn Kennedy, MSW, Executive Director BSI/African Diaspora Directorate and President KA World Management Systems & Development INC.

Information on Dr. Kalokoh
Dr. Adama Kalokoh is a motivational speaker, author, philanthropist, and humanitarian who has made strides towards improving conditions in her home country of Sierra Leone for the past 20 years. Motivated by her enthusiasm for international development, public health, agriculture, and education as well as compassion for her people, she founded Impact Sierra Leone (ISL). The goal of this organization is to lift the socioeconomic status of the country through agriculture, empowerment, education, and building strong ties with the diaspora population.

Since development, ISL has been able to donate clothing, food, school supplies and medical equipment to different Sierra Leonean communities in addition to facilitating educational workshops. The group has more recently launched the Seeds of Life program in Foindu Village, Sierra Leone to reduce hunger in areas of food scarcity. Among the many other things, the program offers, community members in multiple locations around the country can plant and grow produce year-round to feed themselves and boost the local economy. This is achieved with placement of permanent crops and initiation of a Seed Recycling program. 

Dr. Kalokoh is also dedicated to supporting young women and girls in the region. She has donated toiletries and hygiene products to women and girls in the communities we serve in collaboration with other organizations. Through each of ISL’s projects, she aims to ensure that women have the tools necessary to succeed, and that they are empowered by her example to be successful leaders. Impact Sierra Leone is dedicated to addressing poverty, hunger, education, gender equality and health concerns in Sierra Leone and beyond.

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