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Sustainable Agriculture and Development Program

Sustainable Agriculture and Development Program

Over the past two years, Impact Sierra Leone participated in the following activities:

-In July 2020, Impact Sierra Leone launched a formal partnership with the Kampala Agricultural Farm Association (KAF).  The goal is to bring more sustainable agricultural practices and resources to the region. On Sunday, June 27, 2020, KAF and ISL staff met in Rochen-Kamandao to identify problems facing the region and implement a plan of action for the farming initiative.  ISL, Founder and President traveled from the United States in January 2021 and visited the jointly held farm site at Foindu, Sierra Leone.  Sustainable Development is a cornerstone initiative and since our partnership with KAF, and financial assistance from Family Agriculture Resource Management Services (F.A.R.M.S.) we have provided 10 farming groups in the rural communities of Sierra Leone with planting seeds, tools and fertilizer to strengthen and revitalize agricultural production. (F.A.R.M.S.). They are a United States nonprofit organization dedicated to reversing small farm-land loss to ensure generational wealth and reduce hunger in rural low-income communities. Through this partnership, ISL was able to provide children at the orphanages and schools we work with fresh produce which was distributed monthly. 

To achieve the goals of this program, ISL launched an initiative called Seeds Of Life.  Click on the link for more information.

 In addition to other forms of general and project support, we are on schedule to achieve the following agricultural and sustainable development goals by the end of 2026:


Decreased Poverty – Impact Sierra Leone will continue reducing poverty by providing food, clothes and medical support to the Foindu community and expand to other communities in the future. We will send at least ten more barrels of clothing, shoes and supplies to meet the needs of children, women, men, the elderly and disabled. We will achieve this goal through our Barrels for Salone initiative (Please click link for more information)

Less Hunger– Impact Sierra Leone will partner with other organizations to support farmers in rural Sierra Leone with seedlings and tools so they can grow a big harvest, reducing hunger within their communities. We also want to use profits from some of the crops to provide bags of rice to school children, clinics and to orphans.

Increased Access to Better Nutrition and Nutrition Education– Through the Seeds of Life program, ISL will collaborate with local schools to teach agriculture and promote wellness. We will help develop farms to grow healthy produce such as okra, cucumbers, potatoes and more. We will provide monthly produce to schools, hospitals and others in need.

Increased Vocational Training– As part of our aim to empower the people, ISL has partnered with Kampala Agricultural Farm in constructing the Foindu Empowerment Center for Women and Children. This center will serve as a preschool, an activity center and will provide vocational training such as tailoring, agriculture and technology. We will aim to expand these services to other rural communities.