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March is Women’s History Month, a time to acknowledge women change-makers in the United States and around the world.

Impact Sierra Leone’s (ISL) Female Empowerment Director, Huldah Imah-Paul and ISL’s country Director Joseph Sesay held a “Meet and Greet” for the women of Foindu. The women enjoyed lunch provided by ISL and prepared by the women of Foindu. They also were thankful for the clothing donated by Impact Sierra Leone.  The purpose of the “Meet and Greet” was to get to know the women better and allow them to voice their concerns and what they would like to see happen in their community.

Foindu Village is a farming community that heavily relies on farming for their livelihoods. Unfortunately, women in rural farming communities like Foindu lack direct access to a variety of seeds, land and adequate farming equipment. 

The women of Foindu have expressed a strong interest in wanting to level the playing field. Working with the Foindu community and ISL staff, they are eager to be involved in changing their trajectory. Having access to quality seeds, land and farming equipment is a priority for women. They want to have their own farm where they can control what is grown and be able to provide additional food for their families. They also desire to grow a surplus so that they can sell produce in local markets and have an opportunity to generate income for them and the Foindu community.

Foindu women are the mothers, sisters, aunts, and cousins of the students attending Ansarul Primary and Secondary School in Foindu. Impact Sierra Leone partnered with the school in 2021 and established the “Seeds of Life” project where students and community members work with ISL to grow food primarily for the children whose school does not have a feeding program.

So far, ISL has been able to provide a monthly distribution of products for the students thanks to the Family Agriculture Resource Management Services (F.A.R.M.S.) In addition, working with the students and school staff, okra, cucumbers, yams, rice, and other produce are being grown. The children’s nutrition has improved with many of them reporting less gastro-intestinal issues.

We believe that empowering women through agriculture and other social mobility initiatives will not only improve their lives but the lives of their children, spouses, and community. Plans are in the works for the women of Foindu to establish their own farm. We believe that the farming project will be a springboard for other female empowerment initiatives in Foindu that will reduce poverty and promote sustainable development.

Impact Sierra Leone is grateful for your support and encourages you to get involved and be part of this initiative. Be part of a groundbreaking movement to help women in Sierra Leone “break the bias,” gain respect and take their rightful place in society as valued contributors, leaders, nurturers, and change-makers.

Spread the word to your family and friends! Go to to make a contribution. Your support will help make ISL’s female empowerment program a reality and a success.

Adama Kalokoh


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