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Empower The Farmers

 Farming Project!

We are supporting the people of rural communities in Sierra Leone to be entrepreneurs in the Agricultural sector. Please join us to reduce poverty, provide training and promote Public Health in Sierra Leone!

ISL Farming Project

This initiative will promote public health, nutrition and wellness by working with local farmers and health providers to help lead to a healthier outcome for some of the most vulnerable populations in Sierra Leone.


Susan gives her love and hard work to build a future for the youth of sierra leone

Save The Young Girl Foundation Orphanage is a Community Based Organization (CBO) located in Waterloo, Sierra Leone that was founded in January 2017 by Susan Marie Sesay. The facility serves as a safe haven for young girls who have been abandoned through various unfortunate circumstances in life. It also provides emergency shelter for girl youth at need. The organization currently cares for approximately 31 girls between the ages of 5 and 15 years.


Young Girls Foundation Orphanage

Build a future for the youth of Sierra Leone, with your help we can grow.

  • Educational equipment
  • Healthy diet
  • Skill training
  • Care and well being

Save The Young Girl Foundation Orphanage was a result of one woman’s heart and compassion towards helping the girl youth. One day while visiting RokupaWharf, popularly known as the “slum area”, Susan noticed a group of young girls selling fish at the market. She instantly thought how these girls were being deprived of their education. After some weeks she realized some of the girls were homeless due to the loss of both parents to Ebola and other reasons. They were under the care of relatives but not being cared for properly. None of the kids were enrolled in school.

Empower Save The Young Girls Foun


  •  Support education for the girl child 
  •  Cater for the well being of the young girls
  •  Raise awareness about gender and child issues
  •  Empower young girls with life skills and training
  •  Protect the rights of the girl child
  •  Improve knowledge on child trafficking and child labour
  •  Raise awareness of sexual transmitted diseases 
  •  Encourage the girl children to empower each other daily


Susan Marie Sesay

Born in Borongoh, Makarankay in Bombali District, Makeni, Sierra Leone located in the Northern provinces. She lived with her Uncle in Allentown prior to starting the Orphanage She is 25 years old with a passion to impact the lives of young girls in Sierra Leone. Her drive and passion are not going unnoticed. She spends her days taking care of the girls, teaching them skills and loving on them.

HER WHY: Susan recognised the plight of the girl child, especially those growing up in the village was somewhat dims due to childhood marriage, early teenage pregnancy, childbirth, female genital mutilation and low rates of girl children progressing to higher education. She is Female Empowerment At Its Best!


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