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Founder Impact Sierra Leone Ms Adama Kalokoh was featured in an enlightening and insightful Kuntrol online global conference.

Ms Adama Kalokoh was featured in an enlightening and insightful Kuntrol online global conference tagged Voice against racism and rape along side with Nancy Hadi from Egypt, Adigun Temitope from Nigeria Lay Lay from the US amongst others. hosted on Facebook by Kunle Pelemo
She spoke about the power of our voices in affecting positive change in our communities,
“Collectively, if we raise our voices to the injustices much like they did during the 1960’s, positive changes in the system can result.
Additionally, we can help the current crisis by continuing to do great work in our communities. We all have the ability to serve and meet the needs of our vulnerable populations. This allows us to be apart of the solution and not the problem. I’ve decided to use my voice to do great things in my beloved Sierra Leone. Although I am not born in Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone was born in me, I am a proud descendant of Sierra Leone. My heart broke at hearing about the many young girls and babies being raped in Sierra Leone The plight of the girl child in Sierra Leone became my constant concern,
It was then I decided to make Female EMPOWERMENT one of my causes. As a result, I was led to be an advocate for Save The Young Girls Foundation Orphanage. I stand proud to be their voice in the US, bringing them resources and connecting them with donors from all over the globe.
Lastly, losing my younger brother Musa Conteh in February 2020 made me realize that systemic racism against our black men will forever be one of many causes. Having personally witnessed my brother being profiled, followed and labeled as a threat has made me want to be his voice beyond the grave to help make a difference in another young black male’s life.
There is so much power in being a descendant because we can affect change in our country and be a great influence to our Friends and supporters in the US. I consider it an honor to be able to connect the threads of my Sierra Leonean culture with my American culture to make a difference in my homeland”

Adama Kalokoh


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