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Impact Sierra Leone Partners with Kampala Agricultural Farm To Bring Hope:

Sustainable Agriculture Can’t Wait!
Now, more than ever, communities across the globe are taking bolder actions to address food insecurity and public health. Impact Sierra Leone (ISL) is playing its part in this movement by working with the Rochen Kamandao and Mile 91 communities in Sierra Leone to promote sustainable development and agriculture.
Earlier in June of this year, ISL and Kampala Agricultural Farm (KAF) officially formed a partnership aimed at bringing more sustainable agricultural practices and resources to the region. On Sunday, June 27, 2020, KAF and ISL staff met in Rochen Kamandao to identify problems facing the region and implement a plan of action for the farming initiative.
Based on the initial meeting, some of the issues facing the community include; lack of arable land, lack of proper farm tools, poor soil quality and lack of planting seeds. Not long after the initial meeting, plans to address these issues were underway. This partnership has now lead to our new ISL-KAF Collaborative Agriculture Farm located in Foindu Village in Yonibana.
On Sunday, July 12, 2020, under the direction of Dr. Mohamed Bangura, who is the Chief Executive Farmer of KAF, members of the Rochen Kamandao and Mile 91 farming communities were able to successfully begin clearing the future farmsite where crops will be grown, harvested and distributed. Approximately 200 persons representing five villages were present.
They included; Foindu (site where crops will be grown), Waiwai, Pujehun, Ronolla and Maraka. On that day, KAF provided lunch for the farmers and other community representatives and addressed any concerns they had regarding their involvement in the project. Proposed crops to be grown include: rice, corn, groundnuts, mangoes, oranges, cassava, potatoes, cucumbers guavas, cashew nuts etc.
As part of its working relationship with Impact Sierra Leone, KAF will also be able to increase its support to individuals who produce similar crops, by providing tools, seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, transportation, etc. This assistance will enable them to increase their annual yields and better provide for their communities. This partnership is also critical to the Save the Young Girls Foundation Orphanage (STYGFO) operation.
The orphanage currently relies on individuals and other community-based organizations for fruits, vegetables, and other produce. Although helpful, these efforts are not sustainable.
Overall, the clearing of the future farming site was a success, and Impact Sierra Leone is grateful to have the support of KAF. Very soon, we will be able to produce enough crops to not only sustain the farmers, but other nearby communities and (STYGFO) in Waterloo, Sierra Leone. Our future targets also include the schools and widows. This partnership is empowering future leaders and is connecting the threads of humanity!
Our continued partnership plays a critical part in helping ISL achieve its sustainable development goals of Health and Well Being, No Poverty, and Zero Hunger. We are grateful and humbled to have this opportunity to help shape the future of the next generation of leaders and the future of agriculture in Sierra Leone. Together, we will rise.

Written by Yeabu Conteh

Adama Kalokoh


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