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Impact Sierra Leone (ISL): Transforming Lives through the Seeds of Life Program

From now until the end of December, many of us are reflecting on the things we are grateful for like family, good health, and a roof over our heads.  We are also taking the time to plan our calendars for next year.  At Impact Sierra Leone, we are doing the same. We are transforming lives through education, empowerment, and sustainable agriculture. We are achieving the sustainable development goals in all our initiatives. This past year, we worked together to ensure that the Foindu Community in Sierra Leone met major milestones through our Seeds of Life Program.  Thanks to your support, we were able to:

  • Help start/operate three a farming sites: Harvesting groundnuts, okra, cucumbers, and peppers.
  • Hold monthly workshops around agriculture, health, and wellness.
  • Hold a school supply drive to benefit over 200 school-aged children in Foindu Village.
  • Collect and ship 5 barrels containing clothes, shoes, school supplies and more.
  • Help start a women’s farming collective where 50 women can grow staple crops for their community and use the revenue from the surplus to purchase school equipment.

We have expanded our Seeds of Life program to include vocational training, arts and culture preservation and an expanded health and wellness program. The following are six core areas:

– Seeds of Life Farming and Agriculture
-Seeds of Life Healthy Futures and Wellness
-Seeds of Life Education and Youth Empowerment (E.Y.Es)
-Seeds of Life Women and Girls Empowerment (W.A.G.E)

-Seeds of Life Culture, Arts and Play (C.A.P)
-Seeds of Life Skills Training and Development

We are on a mission to motivate the children, men and women of this community to reach their highest potential and practice healthy habits while doing so.  None of this would be possible without your continued support.  Our investment is changing lives for the better and developing young leaders to be entrepreneurs. We are Empowered to Inspire because we are giving voice and bringing hope to over 250 children and over 200 adult farmers through our project!

To learn more about our programs and how you can get engaged, visit or send an inquiry to  

Help us bring in the new year ready to hit the ground running. Consider becoming a monthly sustainer. For just $50 a month, you can provide 25 textbooks for 25 students. Monthly sustainers help us equip the children and families of Foindu with school supplies, learning aids, farming supplies, food, and other essential materials. It also helps us plan our activities around our Seeds of Life program more effectively.  And, when you give, we send you an Impact Sierra Leone button to show our appreciation for your support.  

Our End of Year activity will be on December 29th in Foindu Village. We will be hosting a Christmas Day of Hope, providing a Christmas meal for the village and bookbag gifts for each child. Donors can support this effort on the website or via PayPal (

From the staff and board at Impact Sierra Leone, We Sincerely Thank You! Your support is helping to transform the lives of young boys and girls in Foindu Village, Sierra Leone.

Adama Kalokoh


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