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Impact Sierra Leone Sponsors a Wellness Empowerment Workshop on African Child Day

On June 16th, Impact Sierra Leone held its 2nd health and wellness workshop for the children at Ansarul Primary school in Foindu Village, Sierra Leone. The school is the location of the primary farm site for the “Seeds of Life” project launched this past April 2020.

The goal of the project is to promote nutrition, wellness and put the members of this community on a path of economic sustainability and development.  Project Manager, Martin Sembu Turay, in conjunction with ISL staff organized and led the workshop.  

The workshop began with opening prayers and remarks, followed by a discussion on the purpose of the workshop.   Students gave presentations using the health and wellness factsheets and posters designed by ISL President and Founder, Dr. Adama Kalokoh. Students performed two skits about what they learned about the produce they are planting and harvesting and even performed cultural dances in appreciation of what they learned.   The workshop concluded with a tour of the farm site and remarks by community leaders, including representatives from Foindu’s Women’s and Youth groups.  

 Over 200 people were in attendance which included students, parents, Foindu community leaders and residents.  The students were able to enjoy a bountiful harvest of cucumbers that they helped to plant just a few months earlier and share the harvest with the Foindu community.   School supplies were also donated by ISL and given to students from all grade levels. Overall, the workshop was a success!  We are thankful for donors who helped to make this possible.  We are especially thankful for all the hard work, enthusiasm and commitment displayed by Impact Sierra Leone staff, Ansarul Primary students and staff and the Foindu Community. 

We look forward to the next workshop, strengthening our partnership with the Foindu Community and bringing more opportunities to improve the lives of this community. You can be a part of this effort by going to and making a donation or visiting www.impactsierraleone where you can also donate and learn more about this, and other Impact Sierra Leone programs.  

**History of Cucumbers in Sierra Leone**

Although cucumbers are native to India, Sierra Leone is home to sea cucumbers which look and taste quite different from the ones that are commonly eaten.  Approximately 10 years ago they were discovered by the Chinese on Sierra Leone’s Banana Island and exported reportedly for their medicinal use.  Here in Sierra Leone, the English and Asian Variety of cucumbers were introduced in the 20th century by traders and European Colonialists. Some ethnic groups in Sierra Leone make Chili Cucumber Salad, better known as “Gron Soup”.  Ingredients include, cucumbers marinated in lime, chili and onions.  During Impact Sierra Leone’s Health and Wellness Workshop in Foindu Village, the cucumbers were simply sliced down the middle and sprinkled with a little salt.  This is the preferred way for eating them in this region.

Written by: Yeabu Conteh 

Adama Kalokoh


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