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Impact Sierra Leone Spreads Hope to Rural Farmers in Sierra Leone!

Our mission at Impact Sierra Leone (ISL) is to reduce poverty in Sierra Leone and beyond through sustainable agriculture, education, and skills training. As we meet this mission, we make sure to show compassion, build capacity and strengthen communities. Through support from our anchor program, Seeds of Life, we regularly engage and support rural farmers from our partner community in Foindu Village. It is very important that we bring these individuals to the table of opportunity so they can contribute to development in their communities.

ISL empowers the farmed at Foindu Village by hosting monthly meetings where lunch is provided, and process improvement measures are put in place to boost productivity. During one of the monthly farm meetings, the farmers expressed how they were greatly impacted by the heavy rains which occurs in Sierra Leone between July and October. During this time of the year, ailments such as yellow fever, malaria, typhoid fever, and diarrhea are very high especially in rural communities. Rural communities face difficulty in their farm work during these months. Our farmers expressed the need for medicines and supplies so that they would not fall sick to the rainy conditions. To address their need, ISL provided various medicine tablets to roughly 60 farmers, including the women farmers.

The ISL Country Director, Joseph Sesay, worked with the local clinic nurses to administer these medicines and give instruction on the proper use. Through this kind gesture, we are ensuring our farmers and their families are not overcome by sickness. In addition to these medicines, we provided farmers with tools to help with the farm work and maintenance. The farmers expressed huge appreciation to ISL for the provisions and for showing them kindness. Agriculture and Farming is a core initiative under the Seeds of Life Program.

During this empowerment visit, ISL also directly supported the Women’s Farm Collaborative where 40 women received two cups of corn to plant. This is an effort to promote gender equality and give the women a voice in the community. The women will include ISL on their journey as they plant, harvest, and use the corn to benefit their families. This initiative supports farmers with tools and resources to grow crops they can eat and sell at the marketplace for sustainable development. This initiative aims at boosting food production and strengthening the local economy while supporting farmers with skills training and development. We look forward to continuing our relationship with this community so that it can be transformed into a sustainable city.

ISL appreciates our supporters around the world that enables us to make a positive impact while reducing poverty. With donor support, our farmers use sustainable agricultural practices, learn to farm effectively, learn about crop’s nutritional value, and can generate revenue for their community by selling their surplus at local markets. With the revenue, farmers can also purchase school supplies and equipment for their children and supplement their family’s income. ISL aims to bring hope and smiles to many communities across the globe through our acts of kindness. Together, we are achieving the following sustainable development goals: Zero Hunger, Reduce Poverty, Good Health and Well Being, and Quality Education, and Gender Equality.

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