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#MyBodyIsMyBody: Promoting Good Health and Well-Being

The United Nations designated February 2022 as the month committed to promoting Good Health and Well-Being (UN Sustainable Development Goal #3).  Throughout the month of February, the United Nations will host virtual, in-person meetings and events to assess international progress on issues related to Good Health and Well-Being in countries around the world.  This includes; infant mortality, maternal and reproductive health. 

Impact Sierra Leone is one of the many organizations around the world working with the United Nations to reach its sustainable development goals by 2030. Around the world, especially in developing nations, children are at a higher risk of experiencing unwanted touching and other inappropriate behavior from persons in positions of authority. Due to the lack of accountability and reporting systems, many young children endure repeated abuse from perpetrators.  Unfortunately, in the case of young girls, many of them end up pregnant without proper maternal care and sometimes permanently isolated from their communities and families.

On, Saturday, February 5, 2022, Impact Sierra Leone, in collaboration with the “My Body is My Body” (MBIMB) held a sexual health wellness awareness activity in Foindu Village, Sierra Leone. Students attending Ansarul Primary and Secondary School, ranging in ages from 5 to 15 participated in activities that included; reciting the MBIMB theme song and holding posters with messages affirming their rights to be respected and protected.  The children were also asked to explain what the messages on the posters meant to them.   

The MBIMB is a program that was developed by Chrissy Sykes who is a writer, musical composer, and Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA). This program is the core initiative for the GGA organization. Chrissy uses her program to connect with like-minded people who work with vulnerable communities around the world. Many times, people in these communities do not have a voice and/or the support to speak out against abuse, especially child abuse. The MBIMB program uses its platform to mobilize human rights activists, policymakers, educators, and others to work towards eradicating injustices against children (especially young girls) and other marginalized groups around the world. 

The MBIMB awareness activity on Saturday, February 5 in Foindu Village, will be followed by a series of MBIMB workshops later this year. Children in Foindu Village are also participants in our Seeds of Life initiative where they are growing fresh produce to supplement their diets. 

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